St Therese’s Primary School

Since arriving here as Parish Priest St Therese’s Parish in October 2017,  I have come to appreciate what a wonderful primary school community we have, as very much a part of the broader parish community.   Having had 40 years as a priest and for the last 25 years as a parish priest, both in Melbourne and Sydney,  I have had regular involvement and participation in the life of 8 primary school communities, and have enjoyed the opportunity of working together with our primary students and teachers, other staff and parents and carers, in helping to live the Gospel message of Jesus as Good News in our lives.

The commitment of those involved in education in all of its aspects, along with sacramental preparation and celebration in our Catholic tradition and practice, in the lives of our children, is an integral part of their growth in faith and life.

Here at St Therese’s, I have felt very much at home in the local scene, and look forward to many more years of helping build a community based on Christian values and practice.  I am impressed with the dedication and competence of the teachers here at all levels.  Education, of course, is much broader than just what happens in the classroom, and learning is a lifelong process for all of us!  Nevertheless, the formalities of curriculum and development and encouragement of skills in all aspects, need to be worked on, and I find that very much in evidence here at St Therese’s.  Having pursued a Dip Ed in my past in Chemistry and Religious Education, I have come to realize that educational theory tends to be somewhat circular, but the key to effective learning is engagement, encouragement and questioning, without too much specific ideology.

As one who loves children’s literature for its insights, humour and fun, and whose favourite author has been Dr Seuss, from early childhood (when The Cat in the Hat first came out!),  I was delighted to discover, soon after I came here,  that St Therese’s Primary School is in The 2017 Guinness Book of Records for the greatest number of Dr Seuss characters in one place on one occasion,  feeling I have certainly come to the right place for working together, in fun, in learning, and living out of our faith, as we face the challenges of life and all of the change involved along the way!!

Thanks to all for your ongoing involvement and interest.

John Hannon Parish Priest

Since its establishment in 1923 our primary school has been of major importance in the life of our parish. We are proud of our school and all who have helped make it the school of choice for the families of the Parish of Essendon.

We acknowledge with thanks, all of those who have contributed to our history and look forward with optimism, to the future.

Today our school is a place of discovery as it strives to educate and nurture the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

As a Catholic community grounded in faith and love, we will develop life-long learners committed to building positive relationships and shaping the world for the common good. We don’t enrol children, we enrol families. 

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St Therese’s School
Principal: Michael Di Nuzzo
Deputy Principal: Janine Turville
RE Leader: David Rulli

25 – 31 Edward Street
Essendon VIC 3040

Phone: (03) 9374 6100