Kids at Mass

For over 10 years, St Therese’s has run a special program to engage school age children in the understanding and learning of the gospel.  All school aged children are welcome to participate and parents are welcome to attend too.

KAM is back at St Therese’s Parish for 2023! All children are invited to attend St Therese’s Parish ‘Kids at Mass’ on the first Saturday of each month at 6.00pm Mass. This is an opportunity for the younger children of the Parish to listen to Jesus’ message in a child friendly and engaging way. Children not yet at school can be accompanied by their parents.

Two leaders from the Parish (both with WWCC) will leave the church at the beginning of the First Reading & will return at the time of the Offertory Procession. Our first session Saturday 1st April, 2023 (Palm Sunday Vigil) at 6pm mass.  Please come and join us!

KAM is designed to give young children a way to understand and celebrate the messages of that week’s gospel and readings. Each week a ‘child-friendly’ version of the gospel is read and discussed and then the children participate in a structured activity that reflects the gospel message of the week. Activities include drawing, craft, singing and playing games. KAM is a great way to participate in the church community and meet new friends and families.

Want to help?

More helpers are always welcome to run the KAM program. If you are interesting in helping out, please email the parish at for further information or if you have any questions about how you can participate.