“Grant, Almighty God and Father, that through this mystery your servant, who has gone to the rest in Christ, may share in the joy of his resurrection.”

Funerals may be held at St Therese’s on any weekday after 11:00am or a Requiem Mass for parishioners may be held as part of our usual 10:00am Mass Tuesday to Friday.

Families who are not part of our worshipping community but who would like to hold a funeral service at St Therese’s may need to provide their own celebrant (depending on our Parish Priest’s availability.) Funeral directors will be able to arrange this on behalf of the bereaved family.

Please understand that funeral arrangements are best made by the funeral director and we would expect to liase with them with regards to funeral dates and times.

Once the funeral director has arranged the time and date, it is usual for the bereaved family to meet with our Parish Priest to plan the celebration of the Funeral Liturgy. Families can contact the parish office on 9401 6330 to arrange this meeting.

Families requiring a funeral and/or anniversary Mass in a language other than English need to arrange it with the relevant priest or chaplain personally or through their funeral director.

If families want a rosary, it is presumed they know how to pray it and lead it, or have arranged for a leader.

To make funeral arrangements please have your funeral director contact the office:

Phone: (03) 9401 6330