Uluru Statement from The Heart

Walk with us to a better Australia

The Uluru Statement from the Heart is an invitation to the Australian
people to work with First Nations people to create a better future. It is
a gift: a strategic roadmap to peace, where First Nations peoples take a
rightful place in our own land. It is a moment where all Australians can
come together to realise our nation’s true potential.

This roadmap, set out in the Uluru Statement, is Voice, Treaty and Truth.
The path to a better Australia. But we need your voice to get there. We
need you, your family, friends, organisations, and communities to rally
together and to help us make this a reality. The time is now.

We are calling on all Australians to walk with us in support of a Voice to
Parliament enshrined in the Constitution.

A First Nations Voice, protected by the Constitution, will mean that
agreement-making and truth-telling can finally be done on equal terms.
With Voice, we can begin the journey of coming together after a struggle
– Makarrata.

We are the Uluru Dialogue. We are a group of First Nations people from
across Australia that have the cultural responsibility for progressing
the reforms called for in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. We are
based at the UNSW Indigenous Law Centre (ILC), Australia’s oldest and
only Indigenous legal research unit, that has supported much of the
foundational work that led to the Uluru Statement. Our work is grounded
in the cultural authority and mandate of the Uluru Statement and is
informed by the ILC’s research on law reform.

Now, almost four years on from the issuing of the Uluru Statement to the
Australian people, we are asking for your help. We’ve put together this
Supporter Kit as part of a national education project on the first reform:
enshrining a Voice to Parliament in the Australian Constitution.

We need you to lead conversations in your own community, through
your networks, workplaces, into schools and around family dinner tables.
We need you to use your voice, so that a First Nations Voice can be
protected and listened to for generations to come. For our voices to be a
fundamental part of the national story.

You can make a difference and you can make it now. It is we, the
Australian people, who have the power to unlock the Australian
Constitution. It is we, the Australian people, walking together, who can
lead governments to take the necessary steps to enact lasting and
meaningful change.

We need you to show the government and the parliament that the
Australian people are ready to accept the invitation of the Uluru
Statement to walk together to a better Australia.

We can’t wait any longer.
We need you now. Lend us your Voice.

Aunty Pat Anderson AO, Professor Megan Davis & Roy Ah-See
Co-Chairs, Uluru Dialogue

Read the Statement here

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