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5 November 2021

Pope appoints first female secretary general at Vatican  by Christopher Lamb   Pope Francis has appointed the first female secretary-general of Vatican City State. The appointment of Sister Raffaella Petrini follows that of Sister Nathalie Becquart, and Sister Alessandra Smerilli to senior roles.

Were the good old days in the Catholic Church really that good? by Claire Victory   Some positives emerged from the Plenary Council and those strengths should be acknowledged. But some displayed a nostalgia for a past time when the pews were full on Sunday and marriages didn’t end.

8 October 2021

Bishop Terry Curtin, celebrating a life of service Bishop Terry Curtin, who recently celebrated 50 years of priesthood takes us down memory lane and shares how his vocation began at an early age and was prayerfully encouraged by friends and family.


7 October 2021

Brisbane-Archbishop-backs-Uluru-Statement-and-an-indigenous-voice-in-the-Constitution – Mark Bowling Archbishop Mark Coleridge has publicly endorsed the Uluru Statement From the Heart – an historic commitment by the Catholic Church to back indigenous leaders from across Australia demanding a constitutional voice. Read the statement here Uluru_Statement_From_The_Heart

Opening the Doors Foundation Activity report 2021 The Opening the Doors Foundation is excited to share their Activity Report of 2021. See what the Foundation has gotten up to this year. As this year marks 20 years since the Foundation began, the Activity Report also shares their journey since opening our doors and what they have been able to accomplish in that time.


23 September 2021

A wall that still divides – Majellan Media The Australasian Catholic Press Association (ACPA) last week awarded Majellan first place for Best Feature Content. Editor David Ahern’s story ‘The wall that still divides’ appeared in the Spring 2019 issue and is an intimate examination of Northern Ireland 20 years after the ‘Troubles’ ended. On a visit to Belfast, David observed the obstacles to peace that remain, as well as the reconciliation process and the people who have dedicated their lives to mend the fences between Protestants and Catholics.

Catholic Care Supports Afghan-Australians Many of us will be aware of the devastating news from Afghanistan these past few weeks. After the government takeover from the Taliban, many fear for their lives and their livelihoods, and the civil and political rights of Afghans, particularly women, are in threat. Many Afghan-Australians living here in Victoria have family stuck in Afghanistan, and they fear for the safety of their loved ones.

17 September 2021

Tom-OLoughlin_Giving-or-Sharing_How-we-think-about-the-Eucharist_Sept-21 Eucharist is an action of the whole Church. By contrast, sharing assumes that ownership and control is common between all involved. It is because it is ours – not mine or yours – that we share it.

Christopher-White_Visiting-Orbans-Hungary-pope-delivers-implicit-rebuke-of-political-strongmen_Sept-21 “We too would prefer a powerful Messiah rather than a crucified servant,” said the Pope in presence of the country’s ultranationalistic Prime Minister Viktor Orban, encouraging the majority Catholic nation to mirror the example of Christ’s humility and eschew the temptations of power. “Religious sentiment has been the lifeblood of this nation, so attached to its roots. Yet the cross, planted in the ground, not only invites us to be well-rooted,” said Francis. “It also raises and extends its arms towards everyone.”

Patty-Fawkner_Sexual-and-Gender-Minorities-excluded_Sept-21 One thing for certain we can say about Jesus, and therefore about God, is that Jesus is very comfortable with diversity and hanging out with those on the margins. Where society and individuals exclude, Jesus goes out of his way to include. Jesus takes his disciples on a journey of ever-increasing inclusion.

9 September 2021

Michelle Goh RSM, bringing a different perspective to the Plenary Council Michelle Goh (a volunteer with our St Therese’s Parish music ministry) reflects on her role as a delegate of Melbourne Archdiocese to the Plenary Council.

Niall-Leahy-SJ_Dear-Greta_Sept-21 In this Season of Creation, we are celebrating the integral web of relationships that sustain the well-being of the earth. One of the most prominent voices in the ongoing drive to protect and restore those relationships is not a Christian one, but Niall Leahy SJ thinks it belongs to some whose life ‘corresponds in significant ways to the lives of holy people.’

3 September 2021

Bishop Vincent Long:_Our moral duty towards Afghan refugees_Sept 21
I was one of the boat people who escaped from South Vietnam. The escape happened after South Vietnam had fallen to the Vietnamese communist forces in 1975, and my world descended into total chaos with an international embargo, wars against China and Cambodia, forced collectivisation and the insidious spread of what were termed ‘re-education camps’ — but were really communist gulags. My siblings and I grew up in a world of poverty, isolation, oppression and constant fear of what might happen to us or our loved ones.

Andrew Hamilton:_Why Afghanistan matters_Sept 21
In occupying Afghanistan the United States & Australians politicians portrayed the Taliban as violent, enslaving & authoritarian, in contrast to the civilisation building, freedom loving &democratic spirit of the invaders. In such a conflict, who could not salute the flag of freedom and democracy, even if it was flown on the frigate of self-interest? When you act out of self-interest, you face three dangers in promoting such a self-congratulatory account. The first is that you will believe it yourself, and so carry your actions far beyond what self-interest dictates.

Sense of the Faithful Newsletter No 8


22 July 2021

Fr Frank Brennan SJ: Homily for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday
‘There’ll be no healing of the country, there’ll be no constitutional recognition, and there’ll be no truth telling unless more of us hear the call: ‘The spirit came into me and made me stand up, and I heard the Lord speaking to me.’’

The love that binds – Daily Prayer
In Pope Francis’ Catholic vision, the aged should not be regarded and treated as if they are dispensable, like relics or as damaged goods which have passed their use-by date. They have a place of honour for themselves.

20 December 2020

Sense of the Faithful Letter to Delegates
We write as a group of ordinary Catholics committed to the renewal of our church, and to the full recognition of the voices of the laity, priests and religious in our communities in that process. By this letter, we thank you for your willingness to serve on behalf of the People of God. We encourage you to continue on the path of genuine renewal, guided by the Holy Spirit and drawing inspiration from Vatican II and from Pope Francis. 

23 November 2020

Waiting for God – Andy Hamilton
In Latin, an advent is an arrival; in the Church year it is a time of waiting. In the early Church it was both.

5 November 2020

Pope Francis’ Fratelli Tutti: On Fraternity and Social Friendship
This study guide offers key points and quotes from each chapter of Fratelli Tutti, along with reflection questions and the two prayers that Pope Francis includes at the end of the encyclical. Published by  the Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns, the guide enables individuals and small groups to learn Pope Francis’ teachings and use them to build peace and solidarity in their relationships, community, and world.

Good intentions are not good enough
The absence of women in the language of the Church matters enormously. Invisibility in words equates with invisibility in consciousness and significance, writes Sister Patty Fawkner SGS.

The effects of Corona – the virus not the beer!
While Society seemed to continue on as normal in many ways, the Churches seemed to have lost their role. 

13 October 2020

Five keys to understanding the encyclical Fratelli tutti

Issues-for-Consideration-at-the-Plenary Council – Fr Terry Kean
The Plenary Council has of course been delayed because of COVID- 19, but the issues have probably only become more urgent. As to how we will regather as a Church, not only in Australia but across the world, is a question that all of us will find very challenging.

7 October 2020

Pope releases apostolic letter on sacred Scripture – Junno Arocho
In an apostolic letter dedicated to Sacred Scripture, Pope Francis said that even today, Christians can learn new things
from the countless translations of the Bible that exist.

Five things to look for in Pope Francis new encyclical Fratelli Tutti – Thomas Reese
Fratelli Tutti (“Brothers all”), the new papal encyclical on fraternity and social friendship, is an important teaching document that must be read by anyone who wants to know where Pope Francis is coming from.

Keep Walking – Gillian Bouros
We have to acknowledge and accept that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed almost everything in life. But it also has to be admitted that some unexpected changes are for the better.

Sense of the Faithful Reflection on the Working Document – Oct 2020
The Plenary Council process has moved to the critical stage of preparing the documents and agenda for the first assembly, to be held in October 2021. As a result, four individuals have the challenging, indeed daunting, task of preparing the Working Document (or Instrumentum Laboris) for the Council.

2nd October 2020

Looking to Future Governance of our Church –  Fr Frank Brennan

A Journey of Discernment (The Plenary Council) – Rev Timothy Costelloe

24th September 2020

Busting myths you might believe about Aboriginal Australia – Creative Spirits

Whither the Christian Church – In search of a ‘new normal’ (without the pointy hats) – Chris Ahrends

An aged perspective – Andrew Hamilton

22nd September 2020

Pope Francis and the idea of progress – Giandomenico Mucci, SJ

Some simple but urgent guidance to get us through these next months – Richard Rohr

15th September 2020

A rich inner life might be only upside of this invincible pandemic – Waleed Aly

Aged Care as part of a National Care Service – Ray Bricknell

Praying for ourselves and our planet – Fr Andrew Hamilton

The Vatican and the post-pandemic world order  – Massimo Faggioli

3rd September 2020

COVID-19_ an opportunity for cultivating a fresh approach to spirituality_ _ The Sisters of The Good Samaritan


Love Alone Overcomes Fear Richard Rohr 19 March 2020

Real Presence – Richard Rohr