Opening the Doors Foundation Appeal

This weekend we hold our annual appeal in support of the work of Opening the Doors Foundation. Based at the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry Centre, the Foundation has been operating for 20 years and addresses the severe educational disadvantage that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children face to this day. Through listening to the community, the Foundation supports families to cover the extra costs of schooling that cannot be funded from other Government or educational sources, paying for items such as uniforms, school camps and books. In 2021, Opening the Doors has supported, 820 students from more than 200 schools. Envelopes will be available when we return to Masses or you can donate through the website


Click here to view a video: Opening the Doors Foundation Celebrating 20 Years

Opening the Doors Foundation is proud to present this video to you to show what the foundation has accomplished over the past 20 years. We are honoured that three deadly women are presenting the film. All three have worked with the Foundation.

Shelley Ware – Educator and Trustee of Opening The Doors Foundation

Dr Julie Andrews – Mum and Trustee of Opening The Doors Foundation

Jedda Costa – Opening The Doors Foundation alumni and current journalist.

If you have any queries contact us at or 0401 487 414

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