Personal reflections on “The Voice”

12 September 2023

The Referendum on the Voice brings Australia to a threshold moment, since it looks not only to our past but to our future, not only to what we have been but to what we can become.

The Church is politically nonpartisan and does not mandate/dictate how one should vote.

It does, however, encourage all within the Catholic community to form their own (informed) decision regarding this referendum, first and foremost by reading the original source document – the Uluru Statement from the Heart – in full, and also to access the official Australian Electoral Commission document covering the yes and no positions.

In the video resource below Archbishop Mark Coleridge and Bishop Tim offer their own personal reflections on the enduring call of reconciliation and the experiences that will help inform their vote.


For further Church views, such as the endorsement of the Uluru Statement from the Heart (as distinct from the Referendum on the Voice) by the Archdiocese of Brisbane, and the Plenary Council of Australia you can link here and here.

A more recent Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference statements on the Referendum is linked to here.

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