Mass and Prayer

A Prayer in our Parish Church

In this place I am always welcome. I am never alone.
Here is a place of peace, of tranquillity, in the bustle of life.
Here I can be myself; here God is close.
I can reflect here, and think things over.

This is a sacred place a reminder of our Catholic heritage,
A centre of precious memories where people have been

The strong have cried; the weak have found strength,
The isolated a home, and the young have been
Awakened to God’s presence here in our community’s sacred space.

Here we are nourished with the Bread of Life.
Mary lights our darkness, helping to fashion us into “a temple of living stones.”

In this our sacred place, we draw inspiration from the Spirit
Guided by our patron St Therese
When we need to take a humbler, gentler route through life.

May this church be a special place through life’s seasons
of youthfulness, union, retirement, parting and grief,
and our mission beyond this sacred starting place.