Apologies for Parish Website crash at Christmas and Further Information for parishioners

Happy New Year for 2021 and beyond to all.

Apologies for the parish website crashing inexplicably and unpredictably at Christmas, but we seem to have got it back up and running from today.  We will continue to put up weekend Masses on-line, so that those who wish to can connect from a distance.  As well, weekday Masses from Wednesday to Friday will continue to be uploaded each week, hopefully from around midday on that day.

For those coming to Mass at weekends or on weekdays, booking ahead is not required, but registering with the QR code remains mandatory, and assistance will be given at the door when you enter, if there is any difficulty with this.  Also, mandatory wearing of masks inside the church has resumed, so you must please observe this requirement until further notice.

Sorry about the earlier inconvenience, and thanks to all for your co-operation and participation.

John Hannon PP


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