Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Letter from Fr John 27th March 2020

"We can still keep in touch at a distance!!" In these challenging and uncertain times, with the shut down of our church and Masses and liturgies, Fr John reached out to the parishioners of St Therese's.    

Click here to read a letter from Fr John to the parishioners of St Therese's.



  • Our church is now closed and will remain closed until further notice
  •  All public Masses, Liturgies and communal devotions (whether indoors or outdoors) are temporarily suspended until further notice
  • Masses in family homes or other such private or domestic locations are not permitted until further notice
  • Fr John will be holding a private weekend Mass each week offering the intentions of the faithful and praying for an alleviation of the present crisis. This Mass is available to watch here from Friday evenings
  • The parish office is now closed to the public. You can still contact the parish by phoning 9401 6330 or emailing
  • Baptisms are suspended (unless there is an urgent or grave need) and will be rescheduled once the COVID-19 emergency passes. Bookings for Baptisms are closed
  • Funerals may be arranged at St Therese's observing all current guidelines 
  • Prayers for the sick, recently deceased and remembrances will be published in the bulletin as well as prayed for privately by Fr John. Parishioners may submit names to the parish office for inclusion in the prayers
  • Fr John can still make emergency/critical pastoral visits - contact the office to arrange this
  • PACE function room and meeting rooms are not currently available for hire or use and are not accepting bookings
  • All parish group activities and meetings are suspended until further notice
  • All home Communion visits are cancelled
  • We encourage our parishioners to follow all state and federal government directives. Please stay at home unless absolutely necessary 

Our website will be updated regularly so please keep checking

Due to the ongoing and dynamic COVID-19 situation, all of these protocols are subject to change without notice at any time in accordance with state and federal government directives as well as any directives of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.


READ: Father John's letter to the parishioners of St Therese's dated 19th March 2020