Messages from our Principal Michael Di Nuzzo and from Fr John

16 March 2019 | General Interest

In response to the conviction and sentencing of George Pell, Fr John and our school principal Michael Di Nuzzo addressed personal messages to our school families.

The relentless media coverage can be a triggering experience for individuals. Blueknot is an Australian not for profit organisation that provides support for adult survivors of any type of childhood trauma: 

Fr John's message is reproduced below. Michael's letter can be downloaded by clicking here. 


A further note concerning recent events:

First and foremost, our priorities are for the good and protection of all of our children, with a concern that they receive a good, wholistic education, in all sorts of ways, but particularly in terms of a Christian perspective on faith and life, based on Gospel values. From that point of view, nothing has changed, with our committed and competent staff and other community members doing their best to attain this goal for all of our students, and supporting their families in their growth and formation, in school and parish life.

Given the fallout to the recent conviction and sentencing of Cardinal George Pell, it is understandable that many in our school and parish communities here at St Therese’s, have experienced an ongoing sense of shock, disillusionment, and even disbelief, about the whole situation, with many unanswered questions and concerns about how this has come about.

Please be aware that I am happy to meet and have a chat about this with anyone who wishes to do so. The appeal process has yet to run its course, so the matter will retain high profile in the media for the next few months . My main concern is the negative impact that this publicity will continue to have on victims of sexual abuse in general, with the traumatic and long term impact such abuse can have on an individual’s life, and for the Catholic Church, in particular, to continue to provide understanding, support and compensation for those who are survivors of such abuse.

I reiterate that George Pell is not the Catholic Church, although, over the years, that impression has been at the forefront of publicity and the media. The fact remains that we, you and I, as the People of God, constitute our local faith community, and this is where the action is, with your children in a safe, caring environment.

I am available to listen and exchange thoughts; either make a time to speak with me through the parish office, or just to express your views by directly emailing me. 

John Hannon